Alu Tikki $7.00
Seasoned potato patties, fried golden brown, served with assorted chutneys

Paneer Chat $7.00
Cottage cheese pakodas tossed in a blend of chutneys, served over a bed of boondi bhel

Gol Gappa $7.00 (view image)
Traditionally called “Pani Puri” in Aamchi Mumbai. Puffed semolina savouries with an assortment of fillings, chutneys and flavoured water.

Methi Pokodi Chat $7.00
Fenugreek leaves and gram flour fritters in seasoned yoghurt, blend of chutneys and chat masala

Samosa Chat $7.00
Crumbled potato and pea samosas with Chickpeas, blend of chutneys and
chat seasonings

Bhel Puri $7.00 (view image)
Puffed rice, papdi, onions, peanut, potatoes and chili in a blend of chutneys topped with sev

Papdi Chat $7.00
Layers of crispy savouries, potatoes, pakodis, sprouts, seasoned yoghurt and a blend of chutneys

Channa Chat $7.00 (view image)
Chickpeas with onion, fresh chillies and coriander in a tangy sauce and spices

Dahi Sev Puri $7.00
Puffed semolina savories fi lled with assortment of fillings and topped with
flavored yoghurt.

Dahi Bhalla $7.00
Soft lentil balls soaked in curd, served with assortment of Chutney.

Dal Tikki $7.00
Potato and Bengal gram patties, fried until golden brown, served with chutneys.

Vada Pau $8.00 (view image)
Batata vadas layered in traditional bread stuffed with spicy chutneys

Ragda Patties $8.00 (view image)
Spicy Mash of potato patties and lentils served with chutney, garnished with chopped onion and coriander.

Samosa $6.00
Mildly spiced potato and pea turnovers served with mint chutney and tamarind sauce

Assorted Pokora $6.00
Assorted vegetables fritter fried in a chickpea batter Choice of onion, potato, chilli, capsicum, raw banana or brinjal

Paneer Pokora $8.00 (view image)
Paneer fritter fried in chickpeas batter

Mirchi pokora $7.00 (view image)
Specially flown Indian mirchi fritter.

Vegetable Cutlet $7.00
Mixture of mashed potato and vegetables, bread crumbed and deep fried.